By Land, by Rail

Ever thought about a rewarding career with a real sense of teamwork and achievement?

We are looking for these qualities:

  • Physically fit and able
  • A high appreciation for safe working
  • A willingness to watch, learn and listen
  • Team players
  • Loyalty and enthusiasm

Orion Rail offers training opportunities for all our existing and new staff no matter their background or training.

As long as you have the main ingredients of what it takes to be a construction worker on our Rail network, we can provide the rest.

Strong minded people, ex-servicemen and emergency services people have shown to exhibit the qualities we are looking for and we are offering  new opportunities to work in the Rail Industry.

We will provide our applicants with CITB and PTS certification to transition them into a job with Orion Rail.

Ever considered a rewarding career as a rail construction worker?

We are recruiting. Ex-services and strong minded able-bodied warriors welcome.

Orion Rail, in partnership with leading training academies, offer the highest level of training and rail opportunities.

Working closely with ex-forces charities and recruitment platforms Orion select a high quality of recruits to enter into their training programme.

The training programme involves full mental and physical testing, followed up by leading rail training facilities. All potential recruits are trained and tested to ensure a quality of operative is met. All fitness tests are carried out by a registered level 3 personal trainer. Tested on their strength, endurance and stamina. Using state of the art training equipment.

Allowing Orion Rail access to the highest level of rail worker, breaking down the stigma surrounding the day to day rail working, and producing a standard of operatives that delivers beyond expectations.


  • Generous starting salary
  • Permanent 35 hour basic contract
  • Paid weekly
  • Company pension scheme and life insurance (PAYE)
  • Full Rail and Construction Training
  • Full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided
  • Training and accommodation are provided free of charge

Dave Radband, Orion Veterans Manager

Dave spent 12 years in the British Army, serving in the Parachute Regiment & Special Forces Support Group. He has served in numerous theatres including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. However, it was Afghanistan 2009 that proved to be his crucible leadership experience. As a Section Commander with responsibility for 8 Afghan Special Forces Soldiers, he was awarded the Mention in Dispatches for his leadership and gallantry under fire.

He left the Army in 2014 and went to work as a field team surveillance operator and security consultant, bodyguarding George Clooney. He has worked with Counter Terrorism Police Force, Diligence Consultancy, And BREAK-POINT, where he was the chief instructor. At BREAK-POINT Dave used his very unique and proven experiences to help both design and deliver bespoke training packages on topics including leadership and management, team building and cohesion, strategies and decision making, morale, and courage both physical and moral for organisations wishing to improve or build upon their own exciting procedures. He is also an established motivational speaker who delivers corporate speeches applying his military values to the business environment.

Dave now works with Orion Rail where he has successfully completed his rail training. He went on to join the team as a Rail Construction worker, moving into the yard as the Yard Manager gaining significant knowledge and experience of the rail sector.

Dave is now responsible for managing and leading a team composed of government, military, and emergency service personnel.

In his capacity as Veterans Manager he also supervises the execution of the recruitment and training programme at Orion and is actively involved in the welfare and training of all recruits both ex services and forces personnel.

What our employees say...

Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan

COSS Site Manager

After 5 years on track, Jack Sullivan has excelled with Orion Rail. Starting off as a PTS labourer, he has excelled in taking on opportunities to develop and grow, achieving his COSS and is now running sites of 14plus operatives. In addition Orion has continued to invest in operatives future by putting Jack Sullivan through his Hand Back Engineering course, as the next step to his development. In his spare time has completed many strongman competitions. Most notably Jack has previously met the Chairman of Orion while carrying a piece of rail up the stairs at faversham.

Shaun Fuller - Skilled Operative

Shaun Fuller

Skilled Operative

Orion are a supportive employer with an emphasis on training and development. I have been encouraged to build on my skills and had the opportunity to achieve industry standard qualifications. Orion allow me to enrich my knowledge of the industry by providing access to a network of resources, such as their affiliation with the Break Point Academy. Their commitment to their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic has solidified my trust in Orion as a dependable employer that I am proud to work for.

Kev Claridge

Kevin Claridge


Meet our very own Kev Claridge who is the foreman at Orion Rail. Kev started his career with Orion 5 years ago. Before joining us he used to be a door fitter on the Crossrail project.  Kevin has SMSTS qualification and various skilled exams and rail competencies.

Over a short period of time Kev has gained wide experience across the key sectors in which we operate. In his spare time Kevin enjoys spending time with his family and training in the gym. Kevin is the kind of person that trains to the extreme

Over the years Kevin has grown to be part of the ‘foundations’ here at Orion Rail. He has undertaken a natural progression to foreman through dedication, hard work and an exacting skill set.

What to expect with the Orion Rail Fitness Test

Can you achieve the level of physical fitness Orion Rail require from our operatives?

The Orion Rail Physical Test forms part of the selection process, you will be required to undertake physical tests which assess your level of fitness, strength and manual dexterity as well as your level of confidence in simulated exercises relevant to rail works.

The tests are designed to reflect operational practice. Candidates will be asked to complete a Medical Screening Form prior to undertaking many of these tests, this is to ensure that individuals are fit enough to undertake them.

  1. Ladder Climb
  2. Equipment Carry/Farmers Walk
  3. Enclosed Spaces
  4. Equipment Assembly
  5. Seated Press
  6. Sledgehammer tyre hits
  7. Sledge pulls
  8. Box jump
  9. Bleep test