TfL Trams

Transport for London and London Trams

Working in partnership with Transport for London and London Trams in Croydon for several years we have helped maintain the infrastructure and delivered critical safety improvement programmes.

Recent works have included the following:


Lineside Isolator Maintenance Contract

Orion won a distinct package of works with London Trams for the ongoing maintenance of Track Side Isolator Switches.
This involved initial site survey and pre-works documentation to be completed so access to the system can be planned and booked in with TFL
Maintenance was then completed on time and budget for the 91 isolator switches.
The works included the safe isolation by providing qualified personnel with AP (Authorised Person) and SAP (Senior Authorised Person) authorisations for racking out breakers and operating HV/LV switchgear. Then the isolators were inspected, maintained and tested on site for correct operation.
Upon completion of each isolator cabinet a condition report including any repairs, or faults was complete and this included recommendations for remedial works.


Lineside Isolator Replacements

Following on from the maintenance works Orion Rail followed up with various reactive works.
A number of isolators in poor condition were temporarily removed from the system, maintained and replaced back in the original cabinets.
A cabinet very close too the busy Wimbledon station was replaced in its entirety due to poor condition. The work involved temporarily over head line works, cable jointing, and civils works. This project was delivered in engineering hours and without any disruption to the TFL network.
This highlights the need to carry out regular routine maintenance on electrical assets.


London Trams Emergency Lighting Upgrade

One of the recommendations from the Sandilands Enquiry was to upgrade the emergency lighting systems on the rolling stock. Orion having been working with London Trams to develop a new system and install it to meet the current safety standards.
Working with equipment supplier Teknoware, based in Finland, our specialist install contractor Greenfold Systems Ltd and our design partner DG8 Design we have brought together a team that will deliver this project to meet the complex specification and regulatory requirements.