Dorchester Station Platform – Coping stones replacement and gauging

Dorchester Station Platform – Coping stones replacement and gauging

Orion Rail were contracted to complete 185m of platform coping stone replacement and gauging.

This required removal of the existing platform coping stones and concrete.
185 metres of relay of coping stones , removal and waste and old stones and tarmac .

52 hour possession for colas tonbridge

Outstanding works to be complete tarmac 1m wide strip with fall to aco drain .

All delivered safely and on time.

  • Location: Dorchester
  • Client: Colas Tonbridge
  • Date: October 2020
  • Type: Civil and Construction and Site Safety and Installation Works

Once this was completed Orion began reinstating the custom built coping units, with built in tactile, along the entire platform. Completing the whole platform reinstatement in one weekend, with a total meterage of 185m. All works were then gauged and signed off by the duty hand back engineer provided by Orion.

This posed a logistical challenge due to the volume of works being completed in the single weekend, but this was achieved through extensive project and logistics planning prior to the works

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