Carshalton Beaches

Carshalton Beaches

Orion was tasked with the adjustment of the existing platform, to the new modified design as presented by the client. This is done by gauging the existing platform and raising/lowering it vertically/horizontally, to match the proposed design.

  • Location: Carshalton Beeches
  • Client: Colas
  • Date: June to August 2020
  • Type: Civil and Construction and Labour Supply

To begin the engineer marks out the areas of which require adjusting. Followed by the skilled operatives who then break out the existing coping stones, marked up by the engineer, and adjust the coping stones in line with the design. This can involve building on top of the existing bed underneath the coping stones or removing and rebuilding the existing wall in which the coping stones are retained.

Once the hand back-engineer gauges the platform, and signs of the new positions, operatives the begin the surface works on the platform. Re-surfacing of the platform, reinstatement of the yellow and white line and installation of any broken tactile as required.

The platform is then assessed by the engineer and senior management for any potential trip hazards and when satisfied the platform meets the required safety standards it can be re-opened for public use.

On-site protocols that are present on every shift include; pre works briefing (laying out of the scope of the shift and works to be completed); COVID-19 brief (this allows for the site manager to assess that all protocols are being met and allows for any operative to raise questions if needed); site reporting (site managers are responsible to report at the end of each shift, to the senior management, the progress of the shift, what has been achieved and if any issues had occurred); pre-site risk assessments (reports are generated regarding any potential hazards or issues with the site before works).


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