Orion Rail current projects and workforce solutions

During this global pandemic Orion Rail are working hard to ensure the railways remain open. Key workers and essential businesses rely on railways for the transport of personnel and equipment, materials and goods.

Orion Rail currently have a number of live projects that continue during COVID-19. Working for our key client Colas, Orion Rail have a number of current projects and redevelopment work. These include: Cardiff Platform, Guildford Platform and Tarmac, South Wick Platform and Gabowen Platform. Whilst rail lines are still running on reduced transport, Orion Rail are carrying out a number of upgrades. These platform upgrades involve gauging works to align newly laid tracks and provide safe and even surfaces for passengers.

Working under the government guidelines to keep both our contractors and those around us safe, Orion Rail are currently undertaking 3 platforms a week with teams which include a: Site Manager, Handback Coss and typically 9 skilled contractors per site. During an average day on site, labour duties can consist of: cutting back or moving forward the coping stone, conducting tarmac and muck away works, relaying of white and yellow lines on footpaths and steel breakers to support the under structure. Our aim is to have all work completed in line with client program or earlier.

Amongst the personnel working on these projects are some ex-military who recently passed the Orion Rail/BreakPoint training programme. Working alongside Breakpoint for the initial phase, the 3 week programme takes ex-military and uses their skills to train them within the rail industry. A pass gives the opportunity to work for Orion Rail after the training, Orion Rail has put in a huge effort and pulled out all the stops and we stand in good stead to win future projects.